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THC-P Gummies Are The Next Big Thing, And We Know Why

THC-P was discovered in a lab, by total accident, only three short years ago. Most people in general probably have never heard of it, much less tried it.

And we wouldn’t blame them for that at all! When you’re used to something, it's hard to make a change. Staying in your own comfort zone, especially when it comes to things like THC is incredibly common. Sometimes it is hard to want to switch things up.

But hear us out on this one: you’ll definitely want to take a look at trying a THC-P product like THC-P Gummies from Cosmic Drops.

The Difference Between THC-P and THC

So what in the heck is THC-P? What is the difference between common and well-known THC and THC-P? Why should you try THC-P Gummies as opposed to THC Gummies?

THC is a compound found in the marijuana plant that provides what most know as a “high”. THC, in addition to having psychoactive effects, can also provide some very incredible medical benefits

THC-P, which is just a shortened version of its actual name tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is similar to THC in that it is found in the marijuana plant. It splits with THC in that it is a much more potent compound and has much stronger effects on the body.

While THC is nothing to scoff at, think of THC-P as its much stronger and more powerful big brother. It’s not hard to see why someone looking for the medical benefits of THC would be interested in something that can provide those in a more potent form.

THC-P Gummies That Are A Step Above

Keep reading to get into the details and find out why THC-P Gummies from Cosmic Drops are truly a step above average!

They’re Delicious

Our THC-P Gummies are tested and delicious. No one wants to eat a snack with a nasty taste, especially not one with a strong aftertaste.

That’s why we make sure our gummies are delicious so that you’ll never want to run out.

They’re Made With Only The Best Ingredients

Trust us when we say, quality matters! We know that, and we know that when you are in the market for a gummy, you want to make sure it is made with the highest quality ingredients.

With that in mind, we make sure we only carry the best of ingredients in all of our products.

They Are Potent And Powerful

Each of our individual THC-P Gummies contains 50mg of THC-P.

We want you to get the best and most powerful effects when you’re needing relief. That’s why these gummies will never leave you hanging, and will always pack a potent and very powerful punch.

Flavors And Variety For Days

If you think these gummies are a one trick pony, think again! Our THC-P Gummies come in a delicious Tropical Punch, a tasty Sour Watermelon, and a sweet Blue Raspberry.

With a variety like that, why try anything else?

Relief When It Counts: Get THC-P Gummies Now

Check out any of our varieties of THC-P Gummies by visiting our online store now!

And if you have any questions, drop us a line!