Cosmic Drops Has Delta 8 THC and Delta 8 Products

The Rundown: Delta 8 Products vs. THC Products

Unless you have been hiding or living underneath a rock for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard about Delta 8 Products, or Delta 8 THC Products. The truth is that Delta 8 has become one of the fastest growing verticals within the CBD/THC industry. And there’s no slowing that down anytime soon, and more and more people are turning to Delta 8 for its unique properties.

So what are Delta 8 Products, and what is the difference between common THC and Delta 8 THC?

Let’s go through what both of these compounds are first, and then describe their similarities and differences.

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 Products are created with Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 is a chemical compound that has psychoactive properties that comes from the cannabis plant, although it doesn’t naturally produce a large or substantial amount. 

Because of this, generally speaking Delta 8 Products are made and created from CBD. It requires a lot more plant, a lot more time, and a lot more effort as well.

Think of Delta 8 THC as a close friend and relative of THC, but just one that comes in a lot smaller quantities from the cannabis plant.


THC is the mostly commonly known form of cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and it’s definitely the most popular too. 

Although THC is actually scientifically known as THC-9, most people just refer to it by the preceding name. THC-9 (again, what people refer to as THC) is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, and is the psychoactive drug that produces that “high” feeling known around the world. 

Because of its popularity, THC has been a commonly used substance in many CBD and cannabis-based products and oils.


Delta 8 Products, like those from Cosmic Drops, are very similar to Delta 9 THC products, in that they come from the same plant, have many of the same chemical properties, and are known to promote some of the same benefits like pain relief, a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and reduced inflammation.

Simply put, if you like using products that have THC in them, you’re probably also going to enjoy Delta 8 as well.


While there are numerous similarities between Delta 8 Products and THC-based products, there are also a slew of differences.

For one, Delta 8 Products are not going to be as strong. While both compounds are going to promote and produce pain relief and feelings of relaxation, Delta 8 is going to do that in a much milder way.

Additionally, like stated above, Delta 8 doesn’t occur in large amounts in the cannabis plant, so it must actually be manufactured through a more extensive process.

Try Delta 8 Products For Yourself

Now that you have a bit more background and information about the similarities and differences between Delta 8 and THC, go ahead and shop our entire collection of Delta 8 THC Products by visiting our online shop! 

You definitely won’t regret it!